Know Me, Write Me: 20 Character Biographies




Writing a full-length novel is tough enough, right? Why waste time writing thousands of extra words that won’t even make it into the story?

This is why.

If you want to write a great book that readers can’t put down, your characters need to be realistic and relatable. Believable players help your writing come alive.

It is not enough to have character names and vague ideas about how they connect with other people in the story. You need to flesh them out and make them whole; including some less prominent players, if they interact with your protagonist or antagonist and act as pivots to the main players’ journey.

Using a character biography template is a great way to get to know your characters. The better you know them, the more independent they become and will practically write their story for you! This book contains eight pages of leading questions per character (with twenty character templates altogether) and will enable you to create depth in your characters before you write yourself into a corner.

By understanding your characters well, what motivates them, what triggers them, how they might trigger others etc., you will create a strong cast of people in your novel. This will better help your readers invest in your story and in you as a writer.

Happy writing!