If you’re a producer with great beats, but aren’t confident in your lyrics or melodies, or enjoy cowriting for better results, that’s where I come in!¬†While I have my own music projects, most of my songwriting work is toplining for other artists, producers and co-writers.



If you would like a complete song written and recorded for your project, I can do that for you. My strongest genres are House/EDM, Pop, Rock, Soul/RnB, and Musical Theatre. I am a classically trained, teaching musician, so if you are interested in instrumental music for your visual project (TV/Film, Theatre etc), tell me what you have in mind and I can compose something specifically for your project.


How I Work

Send me your beats, or your project proposal, and I will create the track here at my home studio in Spain. I use Logic Pro X DAW and have a range of professional equipment, to ensure highest quality audio for you.



I cowrite for a session fee (negotiable) and equal splits. So, if you’re a solo producer sending me beats, we split everything 50%-50% (writing and publishing). If there are three of us involved, we split royalties three ways, and so on. If you want to negotiate a lower publishing percentage for me, I may accept different terms on a case by case basis.


Writing Examples

Below is an audio reel of some of my Contemporary sessions (some covers, the rest my toplines)