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Voodoo (Spiritual Blessings Remix)

Voodoo (Spiritual Blessings Remix)

Joio DJ feat. Emma Diva

Voodoo (H@K Remix)

Joio DJ feat. Emma Diva

Voodoo (Domenico Albanese Cocktail Mix)

Joio DJ feat. Emma Diva

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Dejavoo Records this year looks to wmc miami with two top productions, JoioDJ feat Emma Diva – Voodoo & H@K – Warriors.
JoioDJ feat Diva “Voodoo ” written and produced by the international producer JoioDJ and English Singer Sweeney aka Emma Diva . This production varies on every musical genre thanks to the collaboration of international artists such as Spiritual Blessings, H@K,Soulplate and Domenico Albanese.

Original mix recorded @ DejaVoo Records studios (Spain)
Keyboards by JoioDJ
Bass by JoioDJ
Vocals & Lyrics by Emma Diva

Additional remix & productions by Spiritual Blessings, Recorded,edited,mixed and mastered @ Spiritual Blessings Studio (italy)
Additional remix & productions by H@K , Recorded,edited,mixed and mastered @ H@K studio (Greece)
Additional remix & productions by Domenico Albanese, Recorded,edited,mixed and mastered @ Soulbridge Studio (italy)

Info License : joiodj@dejavoorecords.com


Release: DV085

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