Lyrics: Screw You (The Pretty People)

* Parental Advisory Lyrics *



Lyrics and Music by Emma L.M. Sweeney
All Rights Reserved ©2017
Duration: 4m56s
BPM: 120
Key: D minor
Genre: Metal / Rock

Look through my eyes, touch through my hands
I’m a watercolor scar
Cut off your tongue, so I know that you hurt
You know I’m not afraid of hell, ‘cause I drank with the devil before
One shot for my anger, two shots for my soul!

Now it’s eye for eye for the minds that you untied,
Worked your way through all the hearts of the pretty people
From another time, no place for you inside
Old enough to make up for your bad behavior
Threatened by the scene where someone else has been
You’re pleasured by the pain, but I won’t leave you smiling
Screw your bad advice for someone else’s life
Your arrogant intent repels me
Screw you!

Want me to suck, but you just spit
Nothing’s good enough for you
Faceted face, I’ll be ten people too
You know I’ll not get lost in hell, ‘cause I’ve danced with the devil before
Foxtrotted out my anger, salsa-ed out my soul!


You fucked up everything, won’t take your blame
I’m not your sculpture to mould
Hoped that you’d die for me, you won’t oblige
Still, I see you’re just as cold

So what if I break – what’s all the fuss?
No, I can’t forgive
Judas inside, betraying my trust
You know I’m not afraid of hell, ‘cause I’ve met with the devil before
Showing through your actions, sweating through your pores



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